EQT Foundation Establishes GIVE Marion County Fund with $50,000 Donation to YCF

November 10, 2022

Morgantown, WV – Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia, Inc. (YCF) has
partnered with the EQT Foundation to support nonprofits in Marion County — forever.
The GIVE Marion County Fund was established with a $50,000 donation from the EQT Foundation. The annual
earnings from the endowment fund will be distributed by YCF for charitable needs in Marion County.
While EQT is initiating and seeding the fund, the growth and distribution of the fund will be led by
community leaders within the county. The fund is unrestricted, meaning YCF and the committee of
leaders has flexibility when awarding distributions to provide for community needs as they evolve over

“We are so pleased to partner with YCF on the creation of this special fund for Marion County,” said
Ellen Rossi, President, EQT Foundation. “It is our intent for others in the community to join with EQT in
the support of this fund to help sustain the nonprofit sector for years to come.”

The GIVE Marion Fund is similar to other funds EQT has established throughout the company’s
Appalachian footprint. Other counties with funds include Wetzel (WV), Belmont (OH, and Greene and
Washington (PA). Through EQT Corporation, landowners with an EQT lease will have the opportunity to
donate to these funds by allocating a percentage of their royalty payments on a monthly basis, which
will be matched by the EQT Foundation.

As part of YCF’s $1 Million Match Campaign, EQT’s donation is being matched 100% to the YCF IMPACT
Fund, an unrestricted grantmaking fund benefiting YCF’s five-county region, which also includes
Harrison, Monongalia, Preston, and Taylor Counties.

YCF’s mission is to promote philanthropy and build endowment funds to benefit our communities.
“We are incredibly grateful for EQT’s investment in Marion County,” said Patty Showers Ryan, YCF
President. “EQT is to be commended for creating a permanent resource to keep charitable gifts local.”
Over $700,000 have been raised to-date in the $1 Million Match Campaign that was launched in the fall
of 2021. The campaign will run until December 31, 2022, or until the $1 Million goal is met, and aims to
help communities in the five-county area.

Individuals, businesses and foundations are encouraged to contribute to the GIVE Marion Fund and
YCF’s $1 Million Match Campaign. Learn more at ycfwv.org/match or by calling (304) 296-3433.

About YCF

YCF is a tax-exempt public charity created by and for the people of North Central West Virginia to
manage multi-generational endowments. YCF enables local people with philanthropic interests to easily
and effectively support the issues they care about.

YCF accepts donations in the following ways: checks, tribute gifts in honor or memory of a loved one,
PayPal, matching gifts, stocks or securities, IRA gifts, wills, and bequests.

The community foundation structure is one of the fastest growing philanthropic sectors in the United
States, with more than 700 established across the country, all aiming to improve the quality of life for
communities they serve.

For more information please call (304) 296-3433 or visit YCF’s website, www.ycfwv.org.

About the EQT Foundation

The EQT Foundation is the philanthropic extension of EQT Corporation, the nation’s largest natural gas
producer, and is committed to the social and economic vitality of our operating regions. The EQT
Foundation believes in meaningful engagement with the communities it calls home and takes great
pride in the role as both a responsible and responsive corporate citizen. The EQT Foundation has
developed strong partnerships with a variety of nonprofit organizations to enrich the viability of our
communities, sustain the principles of continuous learning, and focus on environmental protection
efforts. Learn more at: www.eqt.com/community/eqt-foundation.

EQT Foundation President Ellen Rossi, left, and YCF President Patty Showers Ryan, right.