YCF Community Grants

Most of YCF Funds established by our donors are designated for specific non-profit organizations, however applications are accepted for potential areas of interest to donors through our field of interest and advised funds. Please review the YCF Funds first before submitting an application.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications are accepted from non-profit organizations who are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or public institutions. YCF generally does not provide grants for an organization’s on-going operational expenses, fundraising campaigns, endowments, political purposes, travel, or work training.  Please contact the YCF office for specific information should you have questions.  Our grants generally must coincide with our mission areas to support the charitable, scientific, artistic, educational, and community planning and development purposes of the North Central West Virginia region.

Geographic Focus: North Central West Virginia including Monongalia, Marion, Harrison, Preston and Taylor counties.

The following attachments must accompany the application:

  • List of officers, board members and their titles, contact information
  • Annual financial report – audit preferred
  • Annual organization operating budget, showing income and expenses

We encourage applicants to contact our office prior to applying to confirm funding for specific projects. YCF Community Grants provide limited funding in the following areas of interest for all five counties served:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Health & Social Services
  • Education

Deadlines and Application Review

Application for 2022-23 has closed. Please check back in July 2023 for the next funding opportunity.

Grant requests are reviewed by our Grants Committee. Recipients will receive an award letter by mid-November. Should you not receive an award letter, please assume that your request was not awarded a grant.

We request that you do not contact the office regarding the status of your grant.

All grant applications received are kept on file for one year.

When can I reapply?

Once an application is accepted, re-application can occur on a year to year basis. If an application has not been accepted please contact the YCF office for guidance toward re-applying in the next grant cycle.

Reporting Process

Grantees must submit a final report to the Foundation at the completion of the grant-funded project and no later than August 31 of the year following the grant award date (e.g. awards made in November 2022 will report by August 31, 2022).  The staff will review such reports for completeness and to ensure that the project was completed as outlined in the grant application. The staff and Grants Committee shall use information gathered from the reports to report on and assess the effectiveness of the grant making program.  If awarded, reporting instructions will be included in your award letter.

Additional Information

YCF does not specify a floor or ceiling because we do not want to discourage requests. In the past YCF has funded grant requests ranging from $500-$20,000. YCF will review each request, match it to funds with a purpose able to fulfill the requests, and send it off to the committees of those funds to review. If awarded a grant, requests may be fully funded, partially funded, or funded through a combination of YCF funds.

How to Apply

Log into our grant portal linked here and select the Community Grant program.  For previous applicants, please note we are no longer using SmarterSelect. If you have not yet applied using our new portal, you will need to create a new account.



Please note there may be multiple grant programs accepting applications. Please read the descriptions to ensure you have selected the appropriate program.