About Us

Key Facts about YCF:

Two charitable, non-profit foundations, the Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia (CFNCWV) and the Greater Morgantown Community Trust (GMCT), have combined into a larger, more effective organization named Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia (YCF).

YCF manages assets of more than $20 million and administers more than 150 endowment funds across North Central West Virginia.

YCF continues to encourage, create, market and manage endowment funds originated by individuals, families, businesses and organizations throughout the area.

YCF invests these donated funds to increase their value, and distributes the net earnings from those investments to deserving recipients, as specified by the donors, in the form of scholarships and grants.

At YCF, we seek to develop, promote and coordinate charitable giving for the good of the community. Through our financial resources, we are able to extend many forms of assistance to qualified people, programs and projects. YCF’s underlying goal is always to enhance the quality of life for those we serve.

In addition, we are continually gathering information and the expertise to effectively achieve the goals of our charitable donors as they seek to fund their passion.

The community foundation at YCF:

Leads by example by staying in tune with community groups through fundraising initiatives, local committee participation and partnerships through agency funds at YCF.

Strengthens the North Central West Virginia region by providing an effective method to retain the wealth and assets of our community locally and helping our local citizens to make the most of a variety of charitable giving options.

Builds local resources by fostering business, governmental, and fraternal relationships that bring new opportunities to our local area.

Makes a difference now and tomorrow by managing both cash funds for on-going events and programs as well as permanent funds that produce grant income for qualified agencies, students and projects to enhance the quality of life for all of our residents.

 Additional Information: